About Fracture Mob.

A Flash Mob is an event where many people meet in one place to create a public intervention or spectacle. Fracture Mob asks people in any location to particiapte in the same activity, at the same time, in their own place. This project invites you to set aside 30 minutes on Friday 3 October at 630pm British Summer Time, and be part of an imagined network, a global 'mob'.

The Activity: A 30 minute audio walk.

The Guide To Getting Lost is a 30 minute audio guide by artist Jennie Savage. This audio walk invites you to become lost in your familiar geography and the fictional sonic landscape of the audio guide, where you will encounter street markets, shopping malls, beaches and birdsong recorded in enigmatic locations. The artist's instructions to walk are the same for us all, however each of us will interpret her directions, walk at a different pace, become lost in familiar territories and, of course, inhabit different landscapes.

How To Take Part:

1. Wearing headphones and using a smart phone tune in to stress.fm at 6.30 pm BST on 3/10/2014. Follow the instructions on the guide and start walking.


2. Download an MP3 audio file from the 'download page' on this site/ the download page at stress.fm or from www.plymouthartscentre.org.

Using an mp3 player and headphones follow the instructions on the guide and let them direct your walk.


After The Event:

There will be a twitter feed/ blogspot to feedback after the event.